Sales Letters – Basic Copywriting to Help You Get More Customers ASAP

If your small business is starting to need a new injection of customers then you should think about using sales letters to bring them in. Keep reading to find out how you can use sales letters to inject your business with a new influx of customers.

Any business can benefit from the use of sales letters. It does not matter if you have a product or service and whether you are on-line or not. All you need to do is to make sure that you are creating an atmosphere where you are selling to one person at one time, using a conversational language. This is the basics of copywriting. You need to grab the customer's attention for a split second. You have to develop some kind of question in their head using a headline, and gradually draw them through your copy, showing the customer how their life will benefit with you product or service.

Make sure that your sales letter is about the customer. It needs to solve a problem that they are having and needs to focus on their wants. This is something that many new business owners falter on. Don't just give a bunch of facts and figures about your business. You need to show your customer that your product is something that will truly benefit them. There is an old advertising saying that goes "don't tell me about your weed killer, tell me about my crabgrass." This is the difference between a winning and losing sales letter.

Once you have your letter, you will need to test it. You need to get your letter in front of 300-500 people before you can really tell if it will be a success. Then, tweak the headline, the offer, the guarantee one at a time and see if your results get better or worse. Track everything that you do as each industry may get different results from different sets of customers.

You should mail or email your sales letter to your current or past customers first. Frequency is the key. Send out your letter multiple times, because people have to be exposed to advertising many times before they will recognize and finally take advantage of it. It will be much more successful to mail to a small list many times, than mailing to a large list once. Each time you mail, track your results and see what you can do to make something better. No sales letter will remain successful forever, but when you find a successful one, don't change it until sales start to drop off again.

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