Market Your Business For Free: Copywriting

Copywriting isn't traditionally seen as a marketing technique. It is a way to offer your products and services to those who are looking to buy from you or join your list. However, copywriting can really help you turbocharge your marketing efforts when it is done right.

Copywriting covers everything from the emails you write to the sales letters you create. The secret here is to write better copy. Writing better copy will increase your conversions. If you're currently getting a one percent conversion on your sales letter, you may want to consider rewriting your it. Rewriting this copy may increase your conversion to two percent. Instead of making one sale for every 100 visitors you get, you would get two. This will increase your results more quickly. You may even be able to rewrite your sales letter to get an even higher conversion of three to five percent.

The key here is to track your results. After you've rewritten your sales letter, then you'll want to find a way to track your results. Load your sales letter into a tracking software, and when you promote, then use the link you are given. This will allow you to track the clicks on it. Then you can compare this to the number of sales you have made to see if there is an increase in the conversions.

When writing emails, ads, or other types of marketing materials, the same principles apply. Rewrite different elements and test them. Is your headline working? How about the sales copy? Are you tracking the links within the copy?

Don't rewrite everything at once. Rewrite one element at a time and then test it. This will require you to use multiple tracking links so that you can compare your results.

In fact, start with the headline. The headline, whether in your sales letters, ads emails, etc. will determine whether or not your readers read your sales copy. Since this is what will provide about 80 percent of your results, you want to make sure that you take the time to craft a good headline. Write several headlines and use a split testing software to help you test. You may also do the same thing with your sales copy in your sales letter.

With emails and ads, use different tracking links. Different tracking links will tell you which offer is getting the most clicks. Then you take the ad or email that is performing best and then use it. This way you will be able to compare your results by comparing clicks and sales.

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