Interview Yourself to Get Killer Copywriting Ideas

It is commonly recommended that when you start a copywriting job, you interview your client to figure out exactly what he wants you to write about. But an overlooked method is the self-interview, which you can apply if you write copy for your own product or even if you are writing it for someone else.

If you write your own copy, it is easy to come up with baited questions to ask yourself that you know the answer to. That is right, even if you know the answer to a question like, "How fast can I put this online course into action?" Type out the question, then answer it. You can always delete the question later. Asking a question first ensures that you write each answer as a direct response to that question before you get off topic.

Asking yourself a question before you write a paragraph is a surefire way to make your copy easily editable (if each section addresses only one subject, you can rearrange them easily) and ensures that if you write copy long enough, you can write your own copywriting templates.

What are copywriting templates? You can lay out your own interview questions for yourself on a page asking common questions like, "What are you selling?" "Why would I want to buy it?" "What is the most important benefit I will walk away with?" "What is your refund policy?" "How can I order?" And any other questions you can think of. Even if you already interviewed your client about what should be on the sales letter, you should re-interview yourself so you get the right verbage and word flow out there.

Please do yourself a favor and interview yourself to get copywriting ideas.

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