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Timely & Lucrative Audio Interview Ideas

Lucrative to one person may mean something different to another. There's millions and millions of different topics and niches and products out there. My niche, the internet marketing crowd and copywriting and marketing niche, it is such a small niche.   Copywriting niche, if you ask ten people on the street, …

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6 Steps to Write Persuasive Copy

One of the most dreaded tasks for entrepreneurs is to come up with words to promote their offers. Especially when they know little-to-nothing about marketing and advertising. Copywriting can be intimidating and confusing in the beginning. But it doesn't have to be. In fact, learning about copywriting is perhaps one …

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Kudos Copywriting and Creating Wealth Online

Witch's Dozen Powerful Reasons to Learn Creative Copywriting Marketing "But I hate writing! Why would anyone want to learn copywriting?" Because, my friend, there are a dozen great reasons, at least: 1) FREE MARKETING /ROI! Most important!!! Timea or out-sourcing is your only cost. But once it's out there on …

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Market Your Business For Free: Copywriting

Copywriting isn't traditionally seen as a marketing technique. It is a way to offer your products and services to those who are looking to buy from you or join your list. However, copywriting can really help you turbocharge your marketing efforts when it is done right. Copywriting covers everything from …

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עצות קופירייטינג באינטרנט – שיטת מנטליות המותג להגדלת הערך

רבים מכם אולי לא מבינים זאת, אבל הצעה שאי אפשר לעמוד בפניה היא הרבה יותר חשובה מעותק מכירות קטלני. אם אף אחד לא קונה ממך, הדבר הראשון שאתה צריך לעשות הוא להסתכל על מקור התנועה שלך ואז כמובן, את ההצעה שלך לפני העותק שלך בפועל. הצעה שאי אפשר לעמוד בפניה …

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